Travel site drops outrageous ad and the Internet has some serious feelings (NSFW)

“Take it off, take it all off” – every male advertising exec ever.

It’s a tried and true sales technique, but people are understandably pretty upset about Chocotravel’s latest ad which is basically just undressed girls on a screen.

The Kazakhstan travel company’s bizarre ad shows seven models rattling off confusing lines like:

“Chocotravel does not demand anything unnecessary from you” – which frankly just leaves more questions than answers.

(The main idea of the ad seems to be that there are no extras when you use Chocotravel – in this case, extras are…clothes?)

People were pretty pissed off about the ad on the company’s Facebook page – slamming it as “demeaning”, “degrading” and “an insult to women.”

Chocotravel ticketing service director Nikolay Mazensev offered up what can only be described as an unconvincing response to the criticism – stating on his Facebook page that the video was “bold and outrageous” and the company “did not mean to offend”.

“It shows no less than you’d see on the beach or by the pool,” he said.

“Do you attack girls in short skirts or swimsuits?”

False equivalence aside, the company seems to be standing behind its ad and have even doubled down, releasing a male version of the ad as well.

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