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WTF is a Ta-Ta Towel? Basically, a hammock for sweaty boobs

“Literally an over the shoulder boulder holder!” LA-based entrepreneur Erin Robertson has invented a towel that’s basically a hammock for your boobs.

Called the Ta-Ta Towel, it’s meant to be worn like a scarf and ends with two cups holding up your breasts, keeping them cool and dry during hot and humid days.

“Whether at the spa, gym, or just lounging around the house, the Ta-Ta Towel will be your boobs’ new breast friend,” said Robertson.

Women wearing the Ta-Ta Towel

According to the entrepreneur, she got the idea for the towel when her a/c broke and her underboobs were sweating profusely as she was getting ready for a date. Frustrated with the lack of solutions, she decided to make her own.

“I made a pattern by taping four pieces of printer paper together. I borrowed a sewing machine from my best friend and enrolled myself at the University of YouTube, where I taught myself how to sew. After I tore up every last towel in my apartment, I finally had my prototype,” she said.

“I started handing the towels out to my friends to get some feedback. To my wonderful surprise, what I thought was just a solution to boob sweat turned out to help other women in so many different ways.”

The towel can also be used by breastfeeding mums, as well as women who develop rashes from underboob moisture buildup.

Women wearing the Ta-Ta Towel

Response to the product has been overwhelmingly positive. Apparently, there’s a lot of women experiencing the same sweaty breasts problem as Robertson.

The Ta-Ta Towel comes in four colours and three sizes: small (big C-DD), medium (DDD-E), and large (F-H). It’s priced at AUS$56 (US$45) and is available for pre-order here.

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