People taste real pregnancy cravings and it gets weird real fast

Some pregnant women have a notoriously aggressive, and often confusing, craving for anything and everything to get them through the insanely difficult process of child birth.

While these cravings can often be everyday things like bulk KFC, types of cheese and an inhuman amount of chocolate, sometimes they fall on the side of obscurity.

That obscurity is something that caught the attention of Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues.

The pair spent the last two years cataloguing, photographing and tasting the weirdest pregnancy cravings from all over the world, culminating in the strangest cookbook you’ll ever read.

“Pickles and Ice Cream.”

Now if you think that the title gives away a strange recipe, you’ve barely scratched the surface, my friends.

The cookbook provides images, recipes and ratings on over 70 of the strangest pregnancy cravings they have come across, including everything from some nasty smoothies, outrageous palate combinations and things you wouldn’t even think are edible.

If you doubted someone could put toothpaste on some Oreos and eat them, you’d be wrong.

If you thought it’s just ridiculous to eat a burnt matchstick on its own, you’d be wrong.

If you thought adding Mars Bars to a bacon burger would be incredibly satisfying and probably something you’d try yourself, then you’d be very right.

Those things are great.

If you had any doubts about how far some of these recipes go, they’ve conveniently made a video just for you of random people experiencing these, let’s say delicacies, for the first time.