Featured Image for We had a lovely chat with Aussie dance-pop outfit Tigertown

We had a lovely chat with Aussie dance-pop outfit Tigertown

Tigertown are coming.

When I spoke to lead singer Charlie, she said their new album is a “bun in the oven” (expected to drop sometime in 2018, she assures me).

And anyone following the trajectory of Tigertown would get the feeling the band’s popularity is in a similar place – building steadily, but something really special’s about to be born.

They’ve already built up an impressive resume. Their toe-tappingly infectious Lonely Cities EP became a Triple J favourite, and they’ve supported the likes of Panic! At the Disco, Troye Sivan, MsMr and St Lucia and Tove Lo

These experiences proving to be invaluable for the group.

“It was amazing to see how professional Panic were.” Charlie said

“Night after night, even if they were sick they’d put on an incredible show.”

Their brooding dance-floor single ‘Warriors’ dropped this year, with the band “really wanting to combine those emotional and dance elements”.

It’s a vibe that cuts through in an increasingly crowded dance-pop space.

Warriors is a slow-burner but it’s worth the wait, effortlessly moving between the joyous and the reflective but all the while remaining a tune you can absolutely boogie to.

While the idea of starting a band with your family (let alone in-laws) would be a nightmarish proposition for most, Tigertown has made it their biggest strength.

Charlie and Chris are the husband and wife duo at the centre of it – with Chris bringing two of his siblings into the mix (Elodie on bass and Alexi on keys).

“We somehow just make it all work, everyone knows their role in the band and we have a really high level of respect for each other which helps a lot.”

The group are about to embark on a US tour with Brooklyn pop singer-songwriter, VÉRITÉ.

And with an album in the works when they touch back down in Australia, you’ll likely be hearing a lot more about them very soon.


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