Featured Image for Reddittors are finding and sharing dream-like settings for the next Wes Anderson film

Reddittors are finding and sharing dream-like settings for the next Wes Anderson film

Reddit is known for trolls, lols, and the weirdest parts of the internet… but there are some pretty brilliant parts of Reddit. And we’ve just found one.

Wes Anderson is an American film director, writer, and actor. You may know his films such as Fantastic Mr Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, Rushmore, The Grand Budapest HotelThe Life Aquatic Of Steve Zissou and so many more.

His films all have a recognisably similar style, and that’s exactly what a group of Reddit users thought when they accidentally stumbled across these perfect settings for an Anderson film.

The thread is called Accidental Wes Anderson and contains posts from users all over the globe who have jumped on the bandwagon of finding perfect filming locations for Wes Anderson. Some of the photographs are actually uncanny, and could literally be from one of his movies.

The feed has more than 20 thousand followers who are clearly looking for some Anderson-themed tourist hot-spots. It’s a huge eye-opener to how weird and wonderful the world really is.

These places don’t just exist in films… they’re in the real world. Who needs an interior designer or film set when places like these exist!?

Yellow Door in Hungary from AccidentalWesAnderson

There are photographs from all over the world of hotels, swimming pools, houses, and mountains. It is a truly amazing thread. Check it out here.

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