Ouch! Drunk Russian man sucker punches a TV reporter live on air for no apparent reason

In Russia, a journalist was covering the news when he, unfortunately, became the news.

Nikita Razvozzhayev, a correspondent for state-run TV network NTV, was at Moscow’s Gorky Park recently to report on the events celebrating the country’s Airborne Forces Day.

The video below shows him doing a live broadcast when a drunken passerby walks into the shot and starts shouting profanities. Razvozzhayev politely asks him to leave, but the intoxicated man does the exact opposite:

He screams “This is our country! We will seize Ukraine!” before punching the TV reporter in the jaw.

As Razvozzhayev reels from the punch, the feed is then cut back to the studio, showing a shocked news anchor.

The attacker, initially believed to be a soldier but later revealed to be only some random jerk, was taken into custody by the police.

Airborne Forces Day is held every August 2 in celebration of Russia’s first paratrooper drop over Gorsky Park in 1930. Many former and current paratroopers, as well as civilians, gather at the park to make merry and drink booze. The results of which include drunk revelers swimming in the fountains and picking fights with others.

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