These Muslim cosplayers are incorporating their hijab into stunning costumes

These Muslim women have found a way to incorporate their beliefs of modesty into cosplay and some of the costumes are out of this world.

An increasing number of women are beginning to get into cosplay – and no small number of these women are Muslim. You would think wearing a hijab would make dressing up as costumed character so much more difficult. However, a few ladies are using their hijab as an addition to their costume as hair or pieces of costuming. They will even use nude coloured clothing to portray skin.

Malaysian cosplayer Kira told Mashable that she was inspired to cosplay after seeing a fellow Muslim woman cosplaying and utilising her hijab as a piece of costuming.

Kira said, “Around seven years ago I attended an event and saw a hijab cosplayer… and her costume was modified to that suitable for a Muslim. At that time it was hard to find [any] hijab cosplayers.”

Kira explained that she enjoys cosplay as it gives her the ability to explore her love for characters. However, she chooses her cosplay characters carefully based on covering up and ensuring their clothing doesn’t have other religious elements.

In 2013, a Facebook gallery was created to showcase Muslim women cosplaying with their hijabs.

Another Malaysian woman who is Instagram famous for cosplaying with her hijab is Saraswati, or Queen of Luna. She is known for her make-up skills and her cosplaying of well-known Disney characters.

We’re kind of convinced that Queen of Luna’s hijab hair looks better than a wig.