Designer lattes are the latest coffee trend sweeping Instagram

When it rains, it pours, and 2017’s hipsterpocalype has gone full cyclone.

Is it just us or are you also getting sick of these food and drink trends? They just keep on coming. First they came for our coffee. Then they came for… well, they’re not done with our coffee.

Enter: designer lattes, the next ‘thing’ you’re not even surprised has happened to your innocent cup of morning brew.

The culprit is the Instagram account @coffeenclothes, which has funnelled its creations into the @designerlattes account. From Givenchy to Chanel to Nike, there’s a cup for whatever brand you’re wearing or toting.

Take a look:

These ridiculous lattes are thanks to 27-year-old Ryan Glick, who founded online store Coffee ‘N Clothes, as well as marketing agency Plus 1.

“It’s really about combining two things everyone loves in a very approachable way both online and eventually offline,” said Glick.

“I have a lot of ideas that tie back to Coffee ‘N Clothes, and I decided to bring this to life when we launched our website. I thought this would be a perfect way to create buzz and it caught on and we just kept rolling with it,” Glick added.

Well, Ryan, it certainly caught our attention. But we’ll have to go for tea this time. The whole brands-and-businesses-getting-their-artist-on-with our food and drink has just gotten to us.

Cheers to brewing the next big idea!