Featured Image for The Canadian MP manspread on a magazine cover and the Internet lost it

The Canadian MP manspread on a magazine cover and the Internet lost it

An apparent marketing ploy by airline company to lure women (and men) into reading about cheap flights involves Justin Trudeau sitting backwards on a chair, legs spread to the camera. Yes, it’s as great as it sounds.

American company, Delta Airlines has released their latest issue of Sky magazine with a pretty tempting photograph smack-bang on the front cover. The photo is of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau straddling a backwards chair and ‘man-spreading’ straight at the camera. Women all over the internet are completely losing it.

A media statement from the airline company stated, “And by putting our 11 great Canadian destinations on sale, we hope that Canadians and Americans alike take advantage of our award-winning service with thoughtful employees and innovative on-board products and excellent operational reliability…”

The people of the internet were less concerned with the fact that there are cheap flights between Canada and the US… What’s at the forefront of people’s minds is how sexy Mr. Trudeau is. Naturally, when a middle-aged man with school-teacher good looks appears on the front cover of a magazine with his legs spread for the world to see, a few people will talk about it.

We have absolutely no problem reading this magazine… and by reading the magazine, we mean staring at the front cover.

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