Beautiful illustrations combine dinosaurs with flowers and fruits

Mention the term ‘artificial intelligence’ to anyone who’s lived in the 21st century and you won’t be able to prevent images of apocalyptic super computers, or friendly robots who want to ‘protect’ humanity by annihilating it.

Here’s one neural network that seems content with more humdrum pursuits, like making pictures of dinosaurs out of flowers…

Okay, first things first. What is a neural network you ask? Simply put, a neural network is a piece of advanced computer software that is capable of machine learning. For example, you show it lots of pictures of cats and then it learns how to create its own pictures of cats.

Now onto the fun part, this particular neural network has learned to rearrange illustrations of fruits and flowers into the detailed shape of various dinosaurs.

Why? It’s art, okay? Chris Rodley is the creative mind behind Dinosaurs X Flowers, and he coded the learning algorithm of the neural network himself.

In layman’s terms, the software works by identifying the artistic style of the target image, recognising shapes, edges and details. It then rebuilds the images from scratch using flowers, fruit or whatever else the artist’s mind can think of.

Earlier on in his neural-network journey, Rodley cooked up a horrifying blend of the Muppets and Trump’s family. Click here at your own peril.

If this juicy jurassic jasmine has captured your imagination, then you can try out a similar neural network for yourself here.