Drunk man spontaneously decided to fly to Ibiza…and his girlfriend wasn’t too happy

Ibiza is pretty alluring, especially when you live in dreary Wales. It’s clearly nice enough to prompt a quick dash to the airport from the local pub at 12.30am.

Ibiza is more than tempting, especially to a group of lads who have been drinking all afternoon, but it’s not often that some one will fly out of their country in a moments notice.

A super funny text exchange has just surfaced between Gareth Kelly, 30 and his girlfriend Hannah Williams 20 about how Gareth’s quiet night was actually turning into a 5 day tropical vacation. The texts show Gareth letting his girlfriend know that his pint at the Green Acre pub in Porthcawl, Wales was now continuing in a taxi on the way to the airport.

At midnight, Hannah was bombarded with a string of texts saying that Gareth had missed his flight from Cardiff Airport, and was now on his way to Bristol Airport to make sure his spontaneous 5 day mini-break was definitely going to happen.

At the same time as texting his girlfriend, Gareth also messaged his boss to inform him of his trip and that he wouldn’t be into work for 5 days. According to Daily Mail, Hannah said:’I didn’t believe him, I FaceTimed him to see where he was and who he was with, he was just laughing at me in the back of the taxi and telling me he was going to Ibiza.

She continued with, ‘I genuinely thought he was taking the p***, he was just being a clown like he always is, he does normally go for a couple of drinks in the pub at the weekend but never ends up flying to Ibiza.’

Hannah has stated that she finds the situation ‘hilarious’ although, she has also said ‘My revenge is coming. No one knows what it is yet but it’s going to be a good one I’ll get him back.’

Good luck, Gareth.