This guy paints peanut shells to look like pop culture characters

If you’re a fan of American artist KAWS, and you have a few peanuts and some time on your hands, we have good news for you.

In a pretty impressive homage to the now-legendary KAWS Companion figures, artist Steve Casino decided to show us all how to make our own KAWS Companion knockoff.

And it’s made from a peanut. Or a peanut shell, to be precise.

But why would you want to make a KAWS tribute from something that is generally treated as being about disposable as a cigarette butt? Well, why not?

One catch though: you’ll also need a few other handy items like glue, molded clay, and archival urethane. Because we all have those things lying around the house.

Watch Steve Casino do his KAWS stuff here:

If you’ve never heard of Steve Casino and you’re wondering why he’s using a peanut to get the job done, well, it seems dude has a bit of a nut fixation. In fact, he routinely posts the results of his nut-centric art online for all of us to check out.

Although it’s not very similar to his KAWS-related work, and possibly not for everyone, it’s definitely pretty amazing:

But back to KAWS Companions for a second. If you’re into Steve Casino’s rendition but you don’t have the gear – or the peanuts – to make your own, you might want to grab a pencil and paper and try a more low-tech illustrated version, like this one:

Of course, if you’ve got the cash, you could always pony up and buy one of the damn things. But who wants to do that? Making one is way more fun.