These erotic illustrations were made by drawing an incredible 5,865,522 dots

Apparently, if you want to create erotic art, you just need a few dots – okay, actually a lot of dots

At least that’s how one artist has decided to do it, and the results are pretty impressive, although definitely not safe for work!

It’s an old technique you might have heard of before, known as ‘stippling’. French artist Cyrielle Gulacsy has been using it to great effect, although her subject matter is definitely a bit – um, how do I say it? – let’s just say it’s usually what could be called erotic, although pornographic might be the better word in some cases.

And if you’re wondering what the difference is, this is one is clearly erotic:

Whereas this one, on the other hand, is arguably getting into kind of porn-y territory:

That doesn’t mean it’s not good though! Besides, if anyone asks why there’s a picture of a mouth about to go down on a nipple, you can always just play dumb: “I just see a bunch of dots dude. What’s going on in your mind?”

That’s the beauty of stippling.

All told, Gulacsy has laid down more than five million dots to stipple all these nipples. And if there’s one common theme to these pieces, nipples would have to be it.

Case in point:

Some of them are actually pretty humorous. For example, why is this next one a spherical naked breast apparently playing the role of a planet in a diagram from a textbook on General Relativity, all the while speaking what appears to be Chinese?

Hey, nobody said stipple porn had to make sense:

So does Gulacsy plan to make a career out of stippling depictions of fictional nipples? Not necessarily – the artist says her next project will probably be a children’s book about the life of the Buddha.

That sounds good alright, but Gulacsy: if you’re reading this, just remember that children’s books are usually nudity-free. And the Buddha probably didn’t have breasts either. Great work though.