Artist recreates his dreams in the most stunning and surreal photo collages

Hüseyin Şahin is a Turkish artist who’s been pushing the boundaries of photography in pretty incredible ways.

Şahin’s brilliant idea was to take actual photographs and tweak them in surreal ways that defy expectations and trick out the brain.

So where do these ideas come from? From the artist’s dreams, mostly. And they’re pretty damn amazing to look at:

Some of these images are also based in part on Turkish legends.

This one tells the story of Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi, who is an Icarus figure in Turkish legend (and an actual real person from history), who supposedly invented a pair of artificial wings that allowed him to fly:

Another Turkish legend depicted in Şahin’s work is the story of the Maiden’s Tower, also known as Leander’s tower. Although it’s the subject of various legends, you can also see the actual real tower just off the coast of Istanbul.

But here’s Şahin’s interpretation of the tower in its mythological aspect:

But enough with the Turkish legends – here are a few more from Şahin’s trippy dreams:

If it were possible to swap dreams with someone for a night, it would be pretty interesting to see Şahin’s dreams. Because for most of the rest of us, photographs dressed up to look like our dreams would be a lot more confusing – or just entirely blank, if you’re one of the approximately 30 percent of people who rarely or never dream.

Who knows, maybe if you stare long enough at Şahin’s work, you’ll start dreaming like this too. In the meantime, follow him on Instagram to see more of his stunning output.