Anchor can’t stop laughing at a story about farting on planes

No matter what the news item, anchors are always expected to act in a businesslike fashion. Unless, of course, that news item is about passing gas on an airplane.

That’s exactly what happened to KPRC anchor Sara Donchey while reporting – or at least, trying to – about an American Airlines flight that was rumored to have been evacuated due to a passenger’s fart.

The following video shows Donchey about to read out the story when she completely loses it and giggles uncontrollably. Luckily, she has her co-anchor to finish telling the news for her.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what really happened to that flight with the fart, American Airlines denied the story.

As it turns out, no one passed gas strong enough to cause mass nausea and headache. The flight also wasn’t evacuated, but one passenger was given medical attention due to a bad odor emanating from a “mechanical fault.”

First, passengers getting dragged out of their seats. Now, farts. What’s next for the airline industry?

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