Man gets mauled by bear after he taunts it with food

In Thailand, a man barely made it out alive after a bear dragged him around its enclosure. Warning: It’s grisly and unbearable to watch.

The incident happened at a Buddhist temple in Thailand’s Phetchabun province. The man, 36-year-old Naiphum Promratee, visited the temple’s mini zoo in response to the monks’ pleas for food donations. With a bowl of rice tied to a rope, he leaned against the pit’s edge and dangled the food over the animal’s head – allegedly teasing it in the process.

Unfortunately, the bear stood on its hind legs and was able to pull Naiphum in.

The following video shows the mauling the man received as workers above try to save him. The beast can then be seen taking Naiphum into his cage and biting into his shoulder. A group, later on, musters the courage to go inside the cage and rescue the unconscious man.

The man was rushed to the hospital on the back of a pickup. Luckily for him, his wounds weren’t as bad as the ones Leonardo DiCaprio got in The Revenant.

With the video circulating online, people have criticised the temple for the bear’s horrid living conditions. Sadly, for countries that thrive on animal tourism such as Thailand, places like this are the rule rather than exception.