Let this Finnish dance instructor teach you how to disco in the most awkward way possible

Eat your heart out, John Travolta. We’ve found a new king of the dancefloor.

In December of last year, Facebook page ‘Flashbak’ posted an old video teaching viewers how to disco dance (or rather, how not to disco dance).

It shows prominent Finnish dance instructor Ake Blomqwist demonstrating some rather awkward moves – like the kind of moves people do once they’ve had a couple of shots.

“I just love the passion of the guy who’s wearing all white,” said one amused commenter, while another added: “What in the hell did I just watch?! This is beaaaaaaauuuuuuttttiiifulllll!”

Interestingly, the comments section revealed that Saturday Night Fever only reached Finland in April 1978 – some five months after it premiered in the US. This meant that Blomqwist made up all his moves from scratch just by listening to the music. Groovy!