Fran Krause turns your darkest fears into hilarious comic strips

It’s okay — everyone gets scared sometimes. But when you’re an illustrator like Fran Krause, you can do some fun things with those fears.

In Krause’s case, she decided to put those fears on paper, in comic strip form.

And the results aren’t scary at all. They’re hilarious — and very relatable.

For example, who can’t relate to Krause’s story about waking up at night, and having familiar objects in your room suddenly take on a sinister aspect?

And who has experienced this one while driving? It happens literally every time I drive. I’ve never actually forgotten how to drive though — so far:

What about irrational fears that make literally no sense, but which bother some part of our mind on an unconscious level? Like this one:

But not all of these are about imaginary fears. Krause also deals with the mundane, workaday horrors that we can all relate too. Like when you retrieve something from a dusty cellar, only to be attacked by its new inhabitants:

(We tend to be a bit more careful about that kind of thing in Australia though, for good reason).

In some cases, Krause’s strips seem to offer an insight into how fear works.

Like for example, did you ever see something — maybe a scary movie or TV show — which you laughed off at first, but which then became scarier as you thought about it more, until finally it worked its way into your thoughts and became terrifying?

It happens. And Krause has a strip about that feeling, naturally:

Krause is astute enough to know that not all universal fears are funny — some are just downright depressing. We might not like to think about it, but here’s a depressing fear that everyone has — and it’s one that will inevitably come to pass, provided you live long enough:

But mostly they’re funny and heartwarming. And they give an insight into Krause’s readers’ presumably quirky personalities (many of the ideas are submitted by her fans).

Like these ones, which probably not everyone can relate to, but which are somehow hilarious nonetheless:

They can even offer useful life tips. I mean, this one’s not really a bad idea to get in the habit of doing — it’s good for your brain, it makes you pay more attention to your surroundings, and also she’s right: you’d be an amazing witness if anything happened!

You can follow Fran Krause on Instagram, or check out her published books.

We’ll leave you with this final reminder to be nice to the people you meet today: