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Man proposes to his girlfriend while being arrested, proves love conquers all

In sickness and in health? Nope, in this century it’s all about the love whether you’re in jail or free. Er, love is love, right?

An Oklahoma couple has just proved that commitment means sticking by your partner through thick and thin and incarceration. In the midst of being arrested on the 4th of July, Brandon Thompson got down on one knee and popped the special question to Leandria Keith.

How romantic!

Unlike many proposals, the moment was captured on a police body camera so the memorable moment can be preserved for the couple. Although this was probably unintentional, we can almost see the jealousy steaming from all those women who wanted to Instagram their own proposal but were caught out by the surprise of the moment…

The man was in the middle of being handcuffed after he had been followed home by a couple of police officers who had recognised Thompson from several warrants which were out for his arrest.

According to CNN, while the police were detaining Thompson, he asked if he could propose, to which the officer, unsurprisingly, replied, ‘You want to do what?’

Despite being taken aback, Officer Bob Lynch and his partner, Officer Lincoln Anderson were kind enough to allow him to get down on one knee.

The footage shows Thompson asking his mother whether the time was right for the proposal and then sending her to get the ring. The officer then switches Thompson’s handcuffs to his front so he can place the ring on Keith’s finger. Of course, with such a romantic gesture – she said yes.

The newly engaged couple told CNN that they are planning a date for the wedding once they resolve Thompson’s legal troubles.

Thompson said, “When you’re in love with somebody and you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you just want them to know how you feel… I wanted a new start for me and with the police taking me to jail I didn’t have to worry about my warrants anymore.”

Once again, love prevails.



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