This innocent-looking bunny is giving people all the wrong ideas

You won’t be able to unsee this one. Now, we’re gonna do this the right way. No cheating, okay?

Carefully look at the image below:

What did you see? If you saw a cute little bunny washing its hands, great. You’re probably an upstanding citizen.

But if you saw the little guy enjoying a two-handed scrub where the sun doesn’t shine, then congratulations, you have a perverted mind.

The image was tweeted out by Twitter user @yoshi_10pa with the caption: “Since I have a dirty mind, all I can see is a bunny spreading its legs and washing its genitals.”

And while to most it looks like an ordinary instructional graphic teaching children how to properly wash their hands, more and more of you perverts have come out of the woodwork.

This one’s our favourite:

In English: “Whichever is important, let’s wash it well.”

Words to live by.

What could’ve led many to assume the bunny was cleaning out the basement? Could’ve it been perhaps due to the long list of animated characters who famously don’t wear pants? Who knows.

All we’re certain of is that a darker shade of white could’ve made a world of difference.