H-Tents are perfect for campers who aren’t sure of their relationship status

Japan has just created the H-tent which is basically a mating tent for all you sexual deviants. You know you’re curious…

Why are these tents being labelled H-tents you may wonder? Well, in Japan the letter H is used as a shorthand for all things sexy, sexual, or perverted. The H stems from the word hentai which means deviant or pervert in Japanese.

But uh, the tent is actually shaped like the letter H.

In saying that, these H-tents are exactly what you think. The tents are a place where you can sleep with your more-than-a-pal-not-yet-a-lover friend.

Doppelganger Outdoor has suggested that the tent does cater for bringing together ‘friends.’

The tent consists of a 2.6-metre sleeping zone with a horizontal connecting passage. Sure, you could store your bags in this middle ground, but it’s a lot more fun to imagine what people could get up to while they are gazing across into each others eyes. You can also hold hands through the passage (come on, lets keep this G-rated).

Doppelganger Outdoor also suggests that this tent is a great idea for ‘just mates’ who want to camp together, but not sleep together. This tent is perfect for sleepovers with your friend-zoned mates! No one wants their mate to touch their butt, right?

The Tent is available now on Amazon, for 19,580 yen ($220) if you’re ready to get freaky without your mum finding out (even if you are 36).