Don’t try this at home! Couple lands in hospital after Dirty Dancing remake

Sometimes when you try to bust a move, you might just bust your face instead. That’s what happened to a pair of overly-ambitious would-be dancers in England recently.

The unfortunate couple aren’t just dance partners — they’re also engaged to be married. And they’re big fans of the classic 1980s dance flick, Dirty Dancing. Such big fans, in fact, that they thought they’d like to try one of the film’s iconic dance routines as the first dance at their upcoming wedding.

It’s not the easiest set of moves to pull off:

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that these two aren’t exactly spring chickens — Andy is 51 years old, and Sharon is 52. That’s about twice the age that Patrick Swayze was when he laid down those legendary moves.

And even if they were much younger, keep in mind that Patrick Swayze is Patrick Swayze, whereas Andy and Sharon are — well, they’re just Andy and Sharon.

What I’m saying is: not just anyone can dance like the Swayze.

Just ask Chris Farley:

You’ve probably guessed by now that Andy and Sharon’s first attempt at dirty dancing didn’t go very well. Thankfully they had the good sense to try it once before the actual wedding.

And where did they attempt it? Outside of a pub, of course. I’m sure that was before they’d had anything to drink.

Photographic evidence shows the couple about to try the move — which would involve Andy hoisting his buxom bride-to-be above his head — and then a few seconds later, lying dazed on the ground, after colliding and injuring one another:

Let’s hope that’s not a metaphor for how their marriage will work out.

And in case you’re wondering, they’re both fine after a hospital visit that involved CT scans and neck braces. And they’re not going to try this again at their wedding, they say. At least they learned something!