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Couple’s terrible photographer wanted ad causes outrage

What’s really, really frustrating is when people try and use your services for free. This is exactly what this couple just tried to do when looking for a professional wedding photographer.

Photographers are skilled people. They charge prices based on their knowledge, experience and skill level. It’s completely ridiculous for someone to ask for free wedding photography. Sure, we can take some snaps on our smart phone, but don’t expect a DSLR.

BUT, that’s what this couple have done. They’ve advertised for a wedding photographer and as payment, have promised to provide the photographer with some really great experience and exposure. If you’re enraged just reading this, you have some idea of how the internet reacted.

Besides experience, the couple also offered to pay the lucky photographer in food and gas money. Oh, and they offer their eternal gratitude and love. Awwww, how kind of them!

The ad said:
“Weddings are expensive! duh right? well photographers for weddings are equally expensive as well! (duh again!) so here is my proposal…For any photographer with enough talent to shoot (product, fashion, macro, landscape, portraits) and any other requisite to wedding photography these days to shoot our wedding in exchange for the experience, the photos and the chance to say to your potential next client ‘I’ve shot a wedding before!.’”

We really despise you right now, you happily engaged folk.

They then went on to list all the benefits of doing this huge favour, including a pool of 300 potential clients, and itemised everything the lucky photographer would need – including a lot of expensive equipment, an understanding of composition and lighting and a portfolio of prior work. Y’know, kinda like a real photographer…

Naturally, Reddit had a field day responding to the ad. Here are some of our favourites:

“I think I’ll ask a car salesman to give me a free car so he can tell future clients, ‘I’ve sold a car before!’” wrote BrolestBrolin.

“I like how they have enough self-awareness to know that people are going to be pissed off by something like this, but not enough to realize that it’s a stupid and unreasonable thing to be asking for,” said Sulfate.

“300 potential clients? So they invited 600 unmarried people to their wedding?” added FreeRangeAlien.

Welcome to the world of idiots.

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