Chinese media issues warning over ‘human embroidery’ trend

Millennials, man. It’s like we’re under constant pressure to out-stupid previous generations.

In the latest bizarre and just plain dangerous news, the official People’s Daily in China has urged people to steer clear of a ‘human embroidery’ trend sweeping social media. The details of which are as the name suggests: people posting photos and videos of themselves stitching patterns onto their skin.

“It seems to have been inspired by a forbidden Japanese cartoon, and follows a trend set by the controversial Blue Whale self-harm and suicide “game”. Media warn that this form of self-harm may cause a bacterial infection or a virus, and lead to septicaemia (blood poisoning),” writes Kerry Allen.

A quick online search will reveal that there’s an overwhelming amount of media related to this, and not enough of that is of caution or backlash, but instead “submissions” of participants. Here are a few examples:

“While there have been many reports overseas of refugees or protesters using lip-sewing as a form of activism, there are concerns in China that this controversial trend gives appropriation to self-mutilation. Many media say that they feel it has been popularised in China by a character in a (banned) Japanese comic, Tokyo Ghoul,” adds Allen.

If you know anyone who’s even thinking about doing this, point them in the direction of Lifeline or SANE Australia.