Check out this vintage photo series of women’s fashion in WW2

There are no real winners in wartime, but if we’re to celebrate the courage of those who’ve been through it, we have to remember that there were far more than just the brave men who bore arms.

Jewish American photographer Herbert Gehr built a career at a time when the world was trying to tear itself apart. While he’s quite famous for the covers he shot for LIFE Magazine, we’d like to show him some love by unearthing this 1942 photo set of his.

Gehr took these portraits of members of the American Women’s Voluntary Services and the British Women’s Land Army. As well as nurse’s uniforms, you’ll see that women also wore service uniforms and hazard suits at the time. Take a look:

(1) Flame resistant suit with hood and bulletproof vest. (2) Floater coat, capable of providing flotation for three days.

(1) Civil Defense canteen uniform. (2) Red Cross outdoor coat.

(1) American Women’s Voluntary Services ski patrol uniform. (2) Red Cross uniform.

For more of the photo series, click the link below.