Woman spends years photographing rats to prove that they are lovable too

Upon seeing a rat, most people would react with an ‘eww’, but photographer Diane Ozdamar would respond differently. For her, it’s ‘aww’.

The Montreal, Quebec-based photographer has spent years taking pictures of rats to break the negative perception associated with them. Her photos, which feature a domesticated species called the Fancy Rat, depicts the misunderstood animals in adorable costumes and whimsical scenes.

According to Ozdamar, the rodents are “far from being dirty nasty little monsters,” and that they are even compared to small dogs by their owners.

“They are actually highly intelligent social beings that love interacting with each other and their favorite humans,” she told Bored Panda. “They are very friendly, smart, playful, they love cuddles and are very clean.”

She added that if you ever want a pet rat, there are many abused and abandoned rodents in shelters waiting for forever homes. In fact, it’s her work in fostering these animals that makes her continue the series.

“Finding a home [for] a rat is not an easy task since they suffer from a very bad reputation and I had to make their cute personalities stand out so people would consider adopting them.”

To see more of Ozdamar’s work, head on over to her website.