Some genius created a simple escape ramp that saves animals from death

“What do we say to the God of death?” Not today! Feast your eyes on the FrogLog, an animal escape ramp created by biologist Rich Mason in response to a problem brought to his attention: small animals dying in backyard pools. 

Thanks to this simple invention, countless little critters are now getting a second chance at life.

How does it work? The website explains it best:

“Simply place the floating platform in the water and place the weighted fabric pouch on the pool deck. The FrogLog is not permanently attached and can be placed and removed in seconds. Multiple FrogLogs can be used based on your pool size and other factors (Click here to find out how many you need). Animals instinctively swim to the edge of the pool and circle the edge, seeking a way out. The animal will bump into the FrogLog and climb out of the pool.”

See how it works:

We’re convinced. Seems like a must-have for every pool. It reminds us of animal bridges, and we’re glad to see this affordable device made available for homes everywhere.

To learn more about the FrogLog, click here.