This artist creates and wears the most unbelievable hair sculptures

Talk about never having a bad hair day. Laetitia KY, a fashion designer from Ivory Coast has quite an imagination, and she wears her canvas for the world to see. We’re not talking about KY’s clothes, but her hair.

When artists say their art is part of them, they probably don’t mean it this literally. Check out some of our favorite hair sculptures from KY:

Now, while some may see this as merely playful, we’d like to think it contributes to educating people about being sensitive to this kind of hair and the people who have it.

Of course, a big part of the bourgeoning Black Lives Matter movement is a rise in women of colour being comfortable in their own skin (and hair) and embracing their natural beauty. Early in June, we put the spotlight on Harmonia Rosales, who drew flak for recreating  Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam with black women.

For more of Laetitia KY’s work, follow her on Instagram.