In Japan, you can have virtual girlfriend to keep you company while you eat

The Japanese have done it again. They’ve made us question humanity with the introduction of a new virtual reality. We’re not sure whether we’re happy or deeply disturbed.

There’s nothing sadder than eating alone – thank god for the distractions that have evolved through the ages, from books and newspapers to smartphones that keep us company while waiting for our half-strength, almond-milk latte. Now, we’re breaking boundaries with the virtual girlfriend.

Luckily for all those lonesome eaters, they no longer have to rely on their Facebook newsfeed to fill the void, they can now be kept company by a virtual girlfriend at this thoughtful Japanese cafe.

On various dates in July, Blue Leaf Cafe in Sendai utilised smartphones which were loaded with the Miku Stroll augmented reality program. The program lets you sit down and have a light meal with virtual idol, Hatsune Miku. We’re just going to overlook the fact that Miku has been designed as a 16 year old girl.

The date with Miku was part of a telecommunications promotion with au/KIDDI and Crypton Future Media. It only ran on five days in July, however the cafe had several Miku-themed food and beverage items throughout the month. Some of these items celebrate Miku’s 10 year-anniversary of her debut into virtual society.

Try out a Pastrami and Green Pickled Onion sandwich… or maybe just stick to a roll cake for something a little easier to digest.