These creepy stop-motion sci-fi shorts will horrify you

If these don’t push you to the edge of your seat, nothing will.

Every now and then, we come across short films that either tug on our heartstrings or send shivers down our spines. These two fit the latter description.

With over a decade of animating under his belt, Sam Barnett is really finally hitting his stride. The writer-director has brought to life a web series called Operator which is now on its second episode, three years after the first.

While it may have been a very long wait, one must understand the painstaking process of stop-motion, not to mention the Kickstarter campaign that was necessary to fund this project.

But we’ll let Barnett’s work speak for itself. Take a few minutes to watch the clips below:

As you saw, the story takes place as InfoCorp unleashes “a plague of bio-mechanical parasites on its workers” and it is every bit as terrifying as that sounds.

Barnett’s inspiration and theme for this was what he called “parasitic ideas” which is best explained by his own words:

“Our minds are made up of ideas that come from all over the place. And somehow once we accept an idea it feels like it’s part of who we are, even if that idea ends up being terrible for us. The point is that we grow up with this idea that there is a clear barrier between ourselves and everything else.

“Operator is a story about a world in which that barrier is ripped to pieces and the boundary between what is and is not us becomes very unclear. It is told from the perspective of characters that have very little power, struggling against a massive corporation that is trying to destroy them. It is a story that I am passionately committed to.”

And how about that second episode? That’s some amazing work. Well worth the wait. And the message of a controlling corporation is definitely one that resonates with a lot of people as many of us feel strongly about it. At the end of the day, that’s the point, to feel something powerful. The artist succeeded.

Barnett’s gotten around to writing a full season composed of 15 episodes, complete with added characters and a larger world — so there’s much, much more to look forward to.

For more of Sam Barnett’s work, and to catch future episodes, subscribe to his YouTube channel.