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This company caused outrage by banning beards

People are outraged at this company for banning beards for “health and safety” reasons. Sounds like hipster discrimination to us!

The Mears Group has just banned men’s facial hair for health and safety reasons. There’s not word yet on whether or not women are allowed to sport a stylish beard, but we’ll keep you posted.

The construction company claims that in order to ensure dust masks fit correctly, beards will need to be removed and faces will require a clean shave at all times. According to Independent, Goatees may be allowed if “it does not hinder the correct fitting of said dust masks.”

There’s a reason stubble is called a five pm shadow – a whole bunch of men will be breaking company policy come five o’clock every night.

If your beard is necessary for medical or religious reasons, employees will need to give their employers a letter from their doctor and/or place of worship.

Apparently the company is taking a “strong stance” on the matter after having discussed it in a health and safety meeting. It’s “impossible” to create a perfect seal between the face and the mask when a beard interferes.

Mark Elkington, head of Mears’ health and safety, said “The simple fact is that no dust mask can work effectively unless it forms a seal against the skin… That is not possible with a beard or even heavy stubble.

“If the health and safety executive did a spot site visit and found workers wearing dust masks that were not sealed against the face, we would be liable to prosecution. The alternative to a dust mask is a full hood, which brings its own risks.”

If beard lovers fail to comply with this new rule, they will be “taken down the disciplinary route.”


Via Independent


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