Salvador Dali’s 1957 game show guesting was as surreal as could be

As it turns out, Salvador Dali’s artworks aren’t the only ones that he’s made bizarre. His TV appearances are too.

In 1957, the renowned surrealist painter made an appearance on ‘What’s My Line?’, a popular game show which had blindfolded contestants guessing the identity of their famous guests by asking yes-or-no questions.

In this episode, Dali was asked a series of questions probing whether he was an artist, a performer, a writer, an actor, and an athlete. Because of the wide extent of his work – as well as his mischievous nature – Dali answered ‘yes’ to nearly all the questions. Even the ones about the actor and athlete!

Confusion ensued as the audience burst into laughter and the host struggled to keep the game from getting out of hand.

It’s all pretty surreal. Check out how it ends in the video above.