Man stands on active volcano and nearly gets hit by eruption

When Yasur Volcano in Vanuatu, Australia erupted recently, renowned filmmaker and explorer Geoff Mackley had the best and worst vantage point to witness it.

Footage of the near-death incident shows Mackley crouching down and setting up a GoPro close to the crater when the volcano suddenly erupts, sending debris and lava flying everywhere.

Mackley’s friend was recording from a distance when the incident happened. He recalled in an interview with NZ Herald:

“My friend Geoff was setting up a GoPro camera at the crater’s edge,” he said. “The volcano suddenly had a huge explosion, sending lava bombs flying hundreds of feet through the air.

“First you can see the shock wave in the volcanic gas. Less than a second later, the shock wave and boom reach my position, shaking the camera. Then the lava bombs come firing out of the volcano at high speed.”

Fortunately, the 51-year-old Mackley, who describes himself as a ‘professional idiot’ due to the nature of his work, was left unscathed. Although we might not be able to say the same for his underwear.

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