US Senators caught on hot mic bitching about Trump, call him “crazy”

Bitching about your boss is a time-honoured tradition.

For many it’s what gets them through the work day, a great way to bond with colleagues you otherwise have nothing in common with.

But as bad as you think you might have it, you don’t have it anywhere near as bad as Susan Collins (Republican) and Jack Reed (Democrat).

As US Senators, the pair has to ultimately answer to Donald J. Trump, which is just about as grim as it gets.

At the conclusion of a Senate subcommittee meeting yesterday, the two had what they thought was a private conversation as they slagged off the Orange Prez.

Only problem was…they left the mics on.

Both Collins and Reed, despite being Democrats and Republicans, found plenty of things they agree on – including Trump being crazy, incompetent and ignorant.

You can’t imagine they’d be the only ones having these sorts of conversations, check out all the juicy audio in the player above (or watch the full version below).

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