These imaginative flower vases showcase the beauty of metal

Japanese brand Yokohama Makers Village has unveiled a stunning collection of metal vases that’ll change the way we perceive the material.

Presented at Fuorisalone 2017 in Milan, the collection featured several metallic vases crafted to have surreal, intricate shapes – characteristics not often associated with metal.

For instance, one vessel appeared like a bunch of pixels, while another looked more like a tree.

According to Spoon-Tamago, the items were made to showcase the beauty and versatility of metal, as well as the advanced processing techniques the Japanese have developed to make such works of art.

“In postwar Japan, numerous metal processing companies sprouted up in the port town of Yokohama. Their metal pipes, sheets, precision parts and torque hinges were the invisible backbones of industrial Japan, quietly but robustly supporting all types of industry,” the website wrote.

“But metal isn’t only limited to industrial use. Its various properties, if harnessed properly, can be applied to all kinds of home and personal products. And to promote this idea, a consortium of metal companies in Yokohama teamed up to form Yokohama Makers Village.”

The vases, which were made in collaboration with design group ‘id inc’, are available for purchase at Yokohama Makes Village’s online store here.