Meet the artist who turns earrings into adorable little cats

Siberia-based artist Margarita Ivanova of ‘Cat Made’ creates earrings that are the purrfect complement to any crazy cat lady outfit.

The accessories resemble cute little felines that seem to have gotten stuck in your ear lobes. They’re handcrafted from polymer clay and they come in different designs.

Some are made to look like real-life breeds, such as an orange tabby or a black cat. Others, meanwhile, take after pop culture characters like Doraemon, Pikachu, and Adventure Time’s Finn and Jake.

And as tribute to David Bowie, there’s even a kitten version of him in the collection!

You’ll never be without your favourite animal again. Thanks to Ivanova and her art, you’ll always be within… earshot of a cat!

We recently had the pleasure of doing an interview with Ivanova to know more about her work. Check it out below:

Where’d you learn to make cat earrings?

“I learned how to make earrings at home. I do not have professional education in the field of design, modeling from polymer clay, illustration, and so on. I have two higher education in management and translation in the field of professional communications.

“Polymeric clay was my hobby, which has now become my business. I did not have a teacher and I did not take lessons, I got all the experience and knowledge by continually working and doing a lot of experiments.

Please tell us more about your creative process. How long does it take to make a pair of earrings? What are the challenges that come with it?

“To create one pair of earrings, I need about two hours. However, I don’t do two earrings at a time. I have a creation plan, and it is broken into several stages, so it turns out that I simultaneously make a lot of earrings.

“The most difficult thing is turning an idea into reality by drawing the design, making unique colors of clay, and painting.

A lot of your designs are based on pop culture characters. Which characters are your favourite ones to make?

“I have a classic collection, with ordinary cats but in different colors. I started with the classic cats then added the pop culture characters later because it was funny for me to present the Hulk, for example, in the form of a small cat. I think that it is very cute.”

Why cats? Do you have any plans of branching out into other animal designs, say for instance, dogs?

“Since childhood, I’ve had a lot of cats. I grew up in the communal Russian village, and in every house there are a lot of cats because cats solved the problem with mice. I grew up and the cats always were with me, and even after I moved to the city, I still wanted to have a cat.

“Cats inspire me. I imagine that the cat is a small tiger. It’s a real predator, but only cute and fluffy, especially in Russia in long winter evenings it becomes very cozy if you have a cat on your knees and you drink hot tea.

“Yes, I have other animals in my plans, but for now it’s a secret.”

What designs should we expect to come out in the near future?

“The most important collection every year is the collection for the Halloween party. Therefore, I will draw new, creepy cats for this wonderful holiday. Immediately after Halloween, I will create new cats for Christmas and New Year, and then I plan to make a collection of pop culture characters.”

The earrings start at AUS$32 (US$24.50), and are all available on Etsy.