Amazing photo series shows what dinnertime is like in different households

In her thought-provoking work, photographer Lois Bielefeld gives us a glimpse of how different families and individuals partake of a ritual we all perform every day: dinner.

Called Weeknight Dinners, the series gives incredible insights on how people from various backgrounds spend dinnertime amidst their busy weekday schedules.

The portraits – 78 in total taken from residents in Wisconsin, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and even Luxembourg – reveal different supper habits including what food is prepared, where people sit, and so on.

“I’m super nosy about people’s habits,” the Milwaukee-based creative said. “I’ve always craved going into people’s homes- it’s inspiring, curious. It gives so many sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant insights about someone.”

To make the process more authentic, Bielefeld instructed her subjects to go about their dinner plans like usual, as if she wasn’t there. This meant not preparing anything special and not sprucing up the dining areas.

In short, Bielefield wanted things to be ordinary – a real peek into the private lives of people.

“I photographed the portraits Monday through Thursday evenings,” she wrote, “when time constraints due to work, parenting, and family activities often dictate dinner rituals.”

As for her own household? Bielefeld explained that she usually has vegan-friendly meals with her wife, Jackie, and her teenage daughter. “I love meal time,” the artist says, “We chat and reconnect and share [stories] about our days.”

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