Ouch! Newlyweds fall off their bridal car just after the wedding

If you’re having trouble choosing between a limo and a convertible for your wedding’s bridal car, you might want to watch this.

Last July 1, a lovely couple named Hana and Tyler Noland got hitched and were just about to go home when disaster struck – or rather, physics struck.

A video posted by YouTube user ‘ALX BMGINC’ shows the drunk newlyweds walking out of the reception and hopping into a convertible. They then tell their (also probably drunk) driver Dave to “fucking punch it,” which he did. The sudden burst of speed sends the couple flying off the back and falling on the ground.

“You fucking idiot!” a man screams as other attendees rush in to help.

According to the owner of the video, the pair – though initially dazed and hurt – eventually recovered from the incident. “I called them this morning and the newlyweds were on their way to honeymoon,” he said.

Truly, a night they will cherish for the rest of their lives.