Featured Image for Photographer spends his time hunting for the wackiest and most beautiful loos

Photographer spends his time hunting for the wackiest and most beautiful loos

A mother-in-law’s worst nightmare. We’ve heard of travel bloggers, food bloggers, even cat bloggers—but this is the first time we’ve come across a toilet blogger. Meet the man with the fascination for the can: Dan Schaumann. The Toronto-based photographer is the mad genius behind Toilography, a passion project he’s sustained for six long years.

“It started…just out of a joke. Because I noticed that people could take photos of anything on Instagram and they’d instantly get Likes for them. So I was curious about, if I took a photo of a toilet, would I get Likes for it on Instagram, and indeed I did,” said Schaumann.

Take a look at some of the glorious moments he’s captured behind closed cubicle doors:

Ladies and gentleman, let me present to you the Holy Grail of toilets! ?? Entitled 'America' (2016), it's a fully functional & usable 18 karat gold throne by artist Maurizio Cattelan on display at New York's Guggenheim museum. "This work makes available to the public an extravagant luxury product seemingly intended for the 1 percent." It doesn't get much better than this ?

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“I go through this project thinking of toilets as being works of art,” Schaumann reveals. “I’m trying to find something interesting or beautiful about a part of everyday life that people don’t normally see as beautiful.”

“When I started, a toilet was a toilet. Then when I started to discover people actually did interesting things with them, my attitude towards them changed.”

If the project sounds disgusting, that’s because plenty of times, it is.

And so begins Toilography's flash tour of Dallas! Thanks to suggestions from the kind folk at /r/Dallas on Reddit, I've started at Adair's Saloon, the #1 recommended dive bar in Deep Ellum. How about this urinal.

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The men's room from the skater bar I was at last night with the toilet tip jar… wicked

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But make no mistake about it, Dan has definitely blurred the line between fascination and obsession. He’s become so devoted to the project, and has managed to put together a large body of work while keeping his day job as a logistics specialist. He continues to seek out toilets across the world with the help of Reddit.

A creepy green guy looking into the toilet garden outside the INSANE Papermoon Diner. This place is out of this world!!! Baltimore is awesome

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This was unexpected. A toilet cactus garden on the patio at the Double Wide!

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A true artist isn’t out to seek approval, and Dan Schaumann’s certainly one that won’t take shit for anything.

To keep track of Dan’s stained footsteps, follow Toilography on Instagram or visit the Official Blog.

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