Drone captures how a pod of orcas brutally hunt down a whale

I guess that’s why orcas are called ‘killer whales’. Recently, a team of Russian scientists on an expedition off the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula witnessed a pod of orcas hunting down a 40-foot-long minke whale.

The rare footage shows the pod giving chase to a minke whale, ganging up on the creature and tearing it apart. Blood flows from the whale’s body as it seemingly screams in agony before it eventually succumbs to its wounds.

According to the scientists, who were with the Far East Russia Orca Project (FEROP), seven orcas initially started the hunt, with four more joining later – baby orcas included.

They added that orcas are seldom seen in the region, so it was a treat to see something like this.

“It’s an amazing event,” marine biologist Tatiana Ivkovich, a researcher from St. Petersburg State University, told RT. “Over the course of all our work, we have once seen orcas finish eating a whale. And here we are, watching the hunt itself.”

“It’s a really exceptional case also because mammal-eating orcas are very limited in numbers, they can be rarely found and seldom come to Avachinsky Bay,” he added. “In some years, not even a single such orca is seen. In total, there are around 200 carnivorous orcas in the Far East.”

Via RT

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