16-year old model, musician and actor has a better résumé than all of us

16-year old Los Angeles, California native, Breaker Novogratz, has kept busy in Hollywood, to say the least.

Breaker first released his single, “Home”, then shortly after released his single, “My Body” which has been available on Spotify and iTunes since May 12th, 2017.

As if that isn’t impressive enough for a 16-year old, Breaker is also currently starring in his own web series called, Breaking Breaker.

Clever name right? The web series encompasses Breaker’s journey into the pop music world, but that’s not the only experience Breaker has in the entertainment industry, the list goes on.

Breaker recently starred in a short film titled, The Jacket, and was featured in a campaign at The Frieze Art Fair in London which was photographed by Torbørn Rødland.

What hasn’t this kid done?!

Are you even surprised to hear that Breaker has already been called a “Rising Star” by Teen Magazine J-14 and “The Cutest Boy You’re Not Crushing On” by Tiger Beat? Probably not.

However, I find Breaker’s most note-worthy accomplishment thus far to be his completed 4-song EP, which was recorded at the renowned Sunset Sound with producer Sean Gould–who has credits on impressive albums such as Katy Perry and Hollywood Undead–and engineer Ross Hogarth, who is also known for working with well-known names such as Val Halen and Fleetwood Mac.

16-year old Breaker undoubtedly has a better résumé than all of us…so, we decided to interview this rising superstar in the hopes of understanding a little bit more about him.

Tell me you weren’t totally awestruck recording at Sunset Sound. That is THE seminal LA recording studio. Talk us through the experience, the desk you used to record on, and what Sean Gould brought to the overall sonics of the EP.

“I will always remember the time I spent in Sunset Sound. I could feel the greatness that came before me lingering in every inch of the studio, which inspired me the entire time.

“I was fascinated by working with Sean and took advantage of the time I spent with him by being curious and asking questions. The great thing is that we talked to each other on the same level, figuring out the sound and performance. If I had an opinion we’d try it, and if he had an opinion, we’d try it!”

Who do you consider the aspirational songwriters of your own upbringing? Who were the songwriters you admired and took musical cues from?

“I have always looked up to Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Jim Croce, The Police and The Rolling Stones. David Gray, James Blunt and Ed Sheeran are big for me as well. I love all music though, and I just want to learn and take things from the best of each genre.”

Who came up with the creative idea for the video?

“I actually did. I love dance and I’ve always wanted to showcase ballerinas in my music, as I think they need to be appreciated more. I am friends with the LA ballet, and so I asked for their help, and they immediately said yes. I thought “My Body” was the perfect song for it! I talked to the director, Gus Black, to align our vision, and then for about a week we worked with the dancers.”

You’re only 16… where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

“In ten years, I want continue making music and hopefully it connects with people around the world. I’ve always thought of myself performing for a sold out stadium, and them singing my songs back to me, as if they wrote them. I’ve always wanted to write music that means something to people. That would be the dream.”

Here are some examples of Breaker’s work:

My Body


Episode 3 of Breaking Breaker, The Contract