Chuchu’s outrageously gorgeous sculptural hats are simply … outrageous

Originally from Hong Kong, artist Chuchu’s creations will leave you nothing short of breathless. Her organically flowing sculptural hats adorn the heads of models in fashion shows and in magazines, over and over again.

The craziest part about Chuchu’s work is that most of her heavenly millinery is crafted entirely from… paper! Truly, each one is an exquisite piece of art that commands the attention of the entire room. Can you imagine wearing a hat like this to your next Derby Party? #eyesonyou #stealtheshow #everyoneforgottowatchthederby

Now for the most important piece of information: you can invest in one of her creations at East Village Hats in NYC, or directly message her on social media to see if your fave is available.

Get your daily dose of inspiring beauty at her website here!