We are in awe of these paintings by 19-year-old Mike Bui

When then 16-year-old Mike Bui from the Netherlands first reached out to me, he was seeking advice about his painting style. I often get requests for advice from young artists, but what set Mike apart was that he’d always immediately do whatever it was that I advised. And each work was much better than the one before.

These days, what is he doing? Oh, not much, except being completely and utterly awesome and making his fans and followers have freak-out moments over each new gorgeously colourful work he posts.

He has developed his own beautiful style, combining monochrome portraits with washes of spectacular watercolors. Many of his colour choices have a trendy “jewel” or “galaxy” vibe. Just gorgeous!

The other wonderful thing about Mike is what a sweet and respectful guy he is. I can’t wait to see more from him!