The unicorn food trend’s latest victim is pizza

Oh, the humanity! Riding on the coattails of the unicorn food trend, New York-based pizzeria Industry Kitchen has introduced an experimental flavour that’s got internet foodies buzzing: the Pop Candy Land Pizza.

Since we’ve been following this multi-coloured madness, we’ve decided to discuss this blatant act of culinary blasphemy. To start, we’ll quote Ellen Scott:

“It’s taken lattes, teapots, and even the simple joy of a nice dildo. And now it has come for our pizza, and we will not bloody stand for it,” she wrote in Metro.

Agreed 100 per cent.

The “pizza” is composed of “rainbow dough, covered in vanilla icing, sprinkles, popping candy, and pink and blue cotton candy,” so it’s basically diabetes on a pan.


How can these people live with themselves?

We get it, you’re creative. And yes, it’s a pastry, not a real pizza. But for the love of everything decent in this world, you just don’t play with people’s emotions like this.

Pizza has a special place in everyone’s hearts, regardless of age, ethnicity, politics, gender, or lack thereof. We’re already living in divisive times. Let’s not make it worse, okay? It’s a thin line Industry Kitchen’s treading here.

“This is a crime against pizza. This is sugar and colour, masquerading as an acceptable dessert, masquerading as pizza,” Scott insisted.

Your thoughts on unicorn pizza? Would you try it or nah?