Stop the press: bread will be baked in orbit for the first time ever

Everyone loves bread, including astronauts. Luckily for our star-men and women, they may be baking bread in space in no time.

Considering we may be on the way to living in Mars, it’s a godsend that there’s an experiment on the horizon in which bread will be baked in orbit for the first time ever. Scheduled to launch to the International Space Station in 2018, the experiment is being named, “Bake in Space.

The website for Bake in Space describes itself as an “address to the scientific and technical challenges relating to the production of fresh bread in space. The project has been deemed useful and of interest to DLR in terms of scientific exploration and is on the list of experiments for Alexander Gerst’s upcoming mission in 2018.”

Obviously this experiment is necessary, because imagine being in space without any fresh, yeasty goodness. It’s a pretty long way out to space, and astronauts rely (like any other human) pretty heavily on food.

The website says the team is “…working to produce a bread machine that will be capable of baking bread rolls and a dough mixture that will be suitable for the space environment.”

Interestingly, this experiment is not just about filling astronauts’ bellies.

“Besides a source for nutrition, the smell of fresh bread evokes memories of general happiness and is an important psychological factor. It is a symbol of recreational time and procedure down on Earth.”

If you’re a true bread fanatic and are wondering what specific type of bread will be baked in space, the website also states that “The specimen will be the typical weekend German bread roll.”

The project is all about catering to the needs of people, as space travel begins to open up and become a more frequent occurrence. At this point in time, bread crumbs pose a very serious risk considering the microgravity of the location. If bread crumbs enter any electrical equipment, things could go terribly wrong.

Most astronauts prefer tortillas in space nowadays, but depending on the success of this experiment, they may be munching down on some hearty bread in no time.