Featured Image for This podcast lets you eavesdrop on others’ relationship drama

This podcast lets you eavesdrop on others’ relationship drama

Heads up, snoops and gossipmongers, this one’s for you.

Recording potentially incriminating conversations for counselling purposes? Sure. Releasing them as podcasts for the world to listen in on? Uhh… okay.

Well, at least one person seemed to think that was a good idea – Belgian psychologist Esther Perel, famous for “viral TED Talks on subjects like infidelity (in which she argues that cheating doesn’t spell the end of a relationship, it can sometimes actually help improve it) and longterm sexual desire.”

The podcast is called Where Should We Begin, a series that “gives unfettered access to the most private of conversations, the one between a therapist and their client.”

“Each episode is a raw and unscripted recording of a therapy session she has conducted with a different unidentified couple. Names and identifiable characteristics have been left out, but their voices and stories are real.”

Day 9. Reality podcast alert! I always prioritize written stuff before podcasts but this sounds really good. #estherperel #thenewyorker #whereshouldwebegin

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Now, the podcast doesn’t seem to tread the line of trash talk shows like the infamous Jerry Springer. Listeners simply become flies on the wall, and are encouraged to “learn a lot about your own relationships in the process.”

Perel realizes the power she wields, so her words are often measured. She lets the listener/reader close the gap with sage advice such as this:

Episode 6 now available: There's You There's Me and There's Us #whereshouldwebegin audible.com/esther

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How cool would you be with strangers listening to recordings of your therapy sessions? If it’s just sharing very broad feelings, and not exactly airing out dirty laundry, that doesn’t seem too bad, does it?

Where Should We Begin comprises 10 episodes covering infertility, unemployment, betrayal, sexlessness, communication, sexual abuse, trauma and various other life and relationship issues.

Listening to the podcast is free through mid-July at audible.com/esther and will be available on iPhones in October.

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