Featured Image for Nurses hold graduation ceremonies for babies leaving the neonatal unit

Nurses hold graduation ceremonies for babies leaving the neonatal unit

This graduation ceremony for babies who are finally leaving the Neonatal Unit is the most adorable, heart-warming thing you’ll see today.

A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit unit in Gastonia, North Carolina has captured the precious moments of babies leaving the care unit with a graduation ceremony. Nurse Melissa Jordan and her colleagues are responsible for the absolutely gorgeous moments that were captured in a series of adorable photographs.

The NCIU can be a pretty scary place for parents who have experienced complications in their pregnancy and birth, so this ceremony makes light of the situation and celebrates the achievement of these tiny bubs being allowed to leave.

The babies admitted into NCIU are often premature (six weeks or more) but may be admitted for a variety of reasons, including illness. Melissa Jordan told BuzzFeed Health, “We make sure these babies are being fed and cared and loved for, and of course that the parents get to bond with them while they’re in the NICU.”

Once the babies are ready to go home, the nurses throw a graduation party for the accomplishment. They even have mini graduation caps made of foam. The caps state the number of days the babies spent in the ICU with “X days behind me, a whole lifetime in front of me.”

Bella Baby Photography captures the precious moment. They even gift the parents with a portrait of their cherub so they have a copy of the occasion as a keepsake.

“It’s just for babies born at 34 weeks of gestation or earlier — or 6 weeks premature — so they’ve been at the NICU for a while and when they leave it’s a huge accomplishment not only for the baby but parents as well,” Jordan said.

… It’s okay to cry.

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