Featured Image for Nothing much to see here, just two Koalas starting an EPIC fight in the middle of the road

Nothing much to see here, just two Koalas starting an EPIC fight in the middle of the road

Can there be anything more brutal than an angry koala? In a scene straight out of the bloodiest UFC match, two little eucalyptus junkies just couldn’t hold their temper any longer and decided to take their differences to the next level, right in the middle of a road in South Western Victoria.

Luckily for them, a compassionate human stopped by and prevented the furry scamps from being crushed by the traffic.

The two marsupials were so immersed in their brawl, they didn’t care for the huge B double truck that was speeding right towards them. Victoria resident Sharon Bercely was driving home from Mount Gambier when she saw the singular street fight. She pulled over, got out of her car and waved to the truck just in time to save the two insatiable brawlers.

Despite the koalas seemingly having no intention of ending their dispute, Sharon managed to shoo them off the road with a towel.

At first sight, these marsupials can be the most adorable of creatures, but in reality, they’re well known for being quite aggressive.

Australian authorities have always recommended foreigners to keep a prudent distance from them, as they can do a lot of harm with their strong, large claws.

“I think the biggest one probably weighed about 20 kilos. He was heavy. And they were angry so I wasn’t going to pick them up.” said Bercely to the local press.

The heroine of our story is not a stranger to animals. According to a report from Nine News Melbourne, she has a menagerie of pets at home, including five dogs, a horse and a cow.

Recently, the nearby City of Portland has been informally dubbed as “The city of Koalas” because of the massive presence of these creatures all over. According to experts, this is an increasing phenomenon due to rising deforestation, which forces these beautiful animals to flee to urban centers in search of food and shelter.

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