Featured Image for Swarovski heiress’s wedding dress was covered in 500,000 crystals

Swarovski heiress’s wedding dress was covered in 500,000 crystals

Victoria Swarovski, heiress of the Swarovski empire, is no longer one of the most desirable young bachelorettes in the alternate reality of the 1 per cent. She’s married a good-looking, rich hunk, and to seal the deal she wore a ridiculously luxurious dress covered with half a million Swarovski crystals. Naturally.

So, a dress made of Swarovski crystals actually exists. In an extravagance that would certainly make King Mansa Musa smile, fashion designer Michael Cinco – renowned for dressing such celebrities as Beyonce and Rihanna, as well as contributing to costume design for the sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending – created a wedding gown fit for an heiress. It’s worth nearly a million dollars, weighs 46 kilograms and features a six-metre-long train adorned by 500,000 of Swarovski crystals.

The stunning Swarovski heiress VICTORIA SWAROVSKI @victoriaswarovski wears a 6-meter train crystallized couture MICHAEL CINCO wedding gown encrusted with full crystals, paillete and laser-cut flowers on her wedding day at the picturesque Trieste, Italy… @sayed5inco @asiancouturefederation @couturissimo @voguearabia @voguemagazine @voguegermany @lovinghautecouture @thecatwalkitalia @couturenotebook #couture #VictoriaSwarovski #Italy #Germany #wedding #bride #Dubai #MyDubai #MadeinDubai #MichaelCinco…

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According to the Filipino fashion designer, “A Michael Cinco woman is moneyed. She may not be born into royalty but she better be married into one. My clothes appear seamless. They look heavy and yet they float. They look expensive simply because they are”.

I’m certainly not the kind of guy who hangs out at Lagerfeld’s shows and much to my dismay, I’ve never dated a Victoria’s Secret model. So, since I don’t have a lot of experiences with haute couture, to accurately describe the dress I’ll just go ahead and shamelessly quote fashion blog Allure.

“The gown has a sheer bodice with a white floral print, long sleeves, and an A-line fit with the fullest skirt imaginable.”

The 6-meter long train of VICTORIA SWAROVSKI wedding dress was featured in VOGUE Italia… @sayed5inco @asiancouturefederation @frankcintamani @emilyhwangofficial @vogueitalia @voguemagazine @voguearabia @lovinghautecouture @thecatwalkitalia @couturenotebook @arabfashioncouncil @harpersbazaararabia @emirateswoman @ffwddxb @fashionpulis @bong_guerrero @d3dubai #couture #bride #wedding #VictoriaSwarovski #swarosvki #Italy #Dubai #MyDubai #MadeinDubai #MichaelCinco

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Anyway, to make this extravagant display of wealth even more out of touch with the current economic times, that million dollar wedding gown was not the only piece of attire covered in crystals that lovely Victoria wore that day. After the ceremony, the lucky girl reportedly changed into a ruby-red gown  – also designed by Cinco – that, of course, was also plastered with sparkly, shimmering, precious gems. Like, why not, right?

Fitting with the super charming and gorgeous singer VICTORIA SWAROVSKI @victoriaswarovski in a couture Michael Cinco crystallized red high-low gown…she was so happy and ecstatic that she keeps on dancing with the dress ??? … @sayed5inco @paulki4 @stylepr @asiancouturefederation @couturissimo @lovinghautecouture @thecatwalkitalia @couturenotebook #couture #opera #Emerald #Kazakhstan #Russia #Dubai #MyDubai #MadeinDubai #MichaelCinco

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