Featured Image for This new skyscraper in London has a window wall you can climb

This new skyscraper in London has a window wall you can climb

A soon-to-be-completed commercial building in Bishopsgate in London will feature a climbing wall made out of glass installed 125 metres above ground. Vertigo much?

London-based architecture firm PLP Architecture is developing what will be the tallest tower in the city. Their mammoth commercial skyscraper, called 22 Bishopsgate, is located at the heart of the financial district, and is set to have 62 storeys and stand 278 metres tall.

This new Skyscraper in London has a window you can actually climb by Benjamin Pineros

The path to completion of this singular project has been quite turbulent, with construction halting several times and the architecture going through various redesigns since 2008, problems mainly caused by financial complications and letting commitments.

The final iteration of this state-of-the-art construction project finally saw the green light in 2016, when property company Lipton Rogers and its joint venture partner, AXA IM committed to completing the building by 2019.

22 Bishopsgate will host a mix of small and large businesses and entrepreneurships, with 1275 million square feet of office space capable of holding a workforce of around 12,000 people. The building will also feature a fresh food market, a wellbeing retreat and spa, a business club and a free art gallery that promises to be London’s highest.

The definitive highlight of the design will be its glass climbing window, the centrepiece of their innovative fitness facilities.

This new Skyscraper in London has a window you can actually climb by Benjamin Pineros

Sir Stuart Lipton, partner at Lipton Rogers Developments told The Spaces, “We recognise the role of the office has changed, with workplaces now needing to do so much more than simply accommodate people,” he added, “They are becoming hubs for bringing colleagues together – ‘high-tech coffee shops’ where people meet, share, collaborate and develop ideas, strategies and solutions.”

The skyscraper is intended to be a truly social workplace with different environments for people to recharge, energise and get creative.

The project seems like an incredible one – just imagining the experience of climbing a glass wall with London’s skyline as the mightiest of backdrops is nothing less than awe inspiring. But for some reason, we can’t help picturing that scene from The Hudsucker Proxy.


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